Daymer Bay

Beach Overview

A stunning beach that at low tide forms long stretches of golden sand backed by dunes from Daymer Bay to Rock with superb views across Camel Estuary.  Classically if it is strong North Westerly this spot will offer some great riding whether you are kitesurfing, wing foiling and obviously windsurfing.

Winging or kitesurfing …. when it is good, it is one of the best spots in the world I have ever enjoyed.’

Daymer bay is a little beach dead opposite Hawkers Cove, a popular flat water spot on the west side of the estuary. Daymer is a little more exposed to the incoming swell and some small waves. Daymer Bay is possible to ride regardless of the tide. There’s usually a little bit of beach to launch and land a kite even on high tides. There a few boats around the estuary, so remember to keep a safe distance from them.

For wing foiling this is a great location. The beach is flat and shallow so you need to wade out a reasonable distance to be able to have enough depth for your foil and this often coincides where the waves peel around the point and feed into the beach. A cunning paddle towing your wing to get outside any breaking white water may prove to be time well spent for a trouble free launch.

Depending on what you are looking for and your ability level you can generally find some flat conditions to perfect your technique and cruise comfortably without any major concerns. If the swell is really big you may feel more comfortable heading up the estuary towards Rock or Padstow for a more sedate water state.

Either side of the channel you will find that even the smallest swell can begin to pick up as it gets shallower and there are some dreamy waves to play on. If it is big the swell will hold up even in the channel and you can glide effortlessly without too much concern.
Just be aware if you are not experienced here the tides are significant and the beach shelves very gently so you need to be wary of the depth you are riding in as you head out of the channel.

Best Waves

A lot of the time the waves are smaller and less powerful on the Eastern side of the bay as they wrap around from the entrance to the Atlantic. Often longboard surfers have used it and It is one of the spots the local adopters of prone foil surfing are regularly enjoying with rides over 500m! Check out the Kernowfoilcrew Instagram page

If there is solid ground swell you will see experienced riders going across the channel to catch swells from the Doom Bar at the entrance to the bay across towards Hawkers Cove on the far side – The waves work better between Mid to High tide, as it is very shallow and not ideal for foiling at mid to low water. The wind is often more gusty here because of the headland.

Historical Fact… (thanks to Loic for this gem!) In the 19century they actually quarried out a segment of Stepper Point to get more wind in the bay for the sailing ships. You can see how much in the above pic. Nice consequence for all kites, wings and sails!!



North Westerly


From Northerly through Southerly to Northerly


Be warned the tide is strong here. At mid tide it rips out and can make balancing and starting very tricky if it is wind against tide. – The best directions would be N, NW, SW & S – Westerly winds are directly onshore and it can get gusty so care should be taken as this beach can get very busy. At high spring tides there is not much beach left


You can be especially vulnerable on a southerly and outgoing tide as it really does rip out. Looking out from the Car park across the beach to the south there is the imposing Bray Hill - as the tide comes in it does have an impact on both the wind and the current - it is always best to launch and land well away from its affect. If you are crossing the channel be aware of boat traffic from Rock and Padstow and also at mid tide the current is seriously strong. On the northern side of the beach (your right if you are looking over towards the channel) there are plenty of foil trashing stones and rocks to be aware of - It is a good idea to get there at low of mid tide to scope them out.



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


You will have to pay in the car park and it is not cheap but if the conditions are working it is definitely worth it - Either a a pay and display machine which needs change or there will be a car park attendant. The Carpark has plenty of space.


A short stroll down some steps from the car park will get you onto the beach - The beach is always busy so it is wise to be aware of what is happening around you

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