Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall

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Wing Foil Kit In Cornwall


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Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall

Wingsurf / Foil Wing / Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall

Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall

This new discipline is rapidly growing in popularity and we are helping to introduce many people into trying Wing Foiling in Cornwall as possible. It combines aspects of many different water sports, using a simple wing to harness the wind to power a board through the water. Starting out it could be used with a simple stand up paddle board for propulsion. Progressing and moving forward it can offer the perfect ‘sail’ to introduce the most accessible way of enjoying a foiling board. As you improve it offers almost limitless opportunities to enjoy all manner of locations on the sea or lakes. Playing on sheltered flat water as well or in all manner of rolling swell and even surf surf for the more experienced.

Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall
The complete package – learn, improve & make the most of our experience. With over 30 years of selling Watersports equipment and many satisfied repeat customers. We will give you genuine advice as well as the opportunity to try before buying…
Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall
… from a selection of the best gear currently available on the market

It is light versatile and simple and any age from 10+ can access this fun new Watersport. With experience in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, surfing or SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) and /or any form of foiling on a board the learning curve can be amazingly fast. We are combining experienced tuition from a qualified instructor with a selection of the best equipment available. Partnered with Windsport International‘s Coast Land Venue, we have that great combination of the perfect location with many years of Watersports experience. We are now able to offer expert guidance and instruction to anyone wanting to try it out as well as an extensive selection of the best Wing Foil Kit in Cornwall to both demo and Purchase. Located at Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth in Cornwall, this centre offers an ideally safe and accessible location that is perfect for getting up and progressing fast.