F-One Strike V3 – Wing Foil Wing 2023


F-ONE Strike V3 2023 Wing

Conceived with the latest technologies and featuring a revolutionary design, the STRIKE V3 is the ultimate performance wing. Whether it’s freeride, freestyle, surfing or freefly, this state-of-the-art wing can do it all. The STRIKE V3 delivers unparalleled performance while guaranteeing comfort, stability, power, precision, durability, and the ability to go upwind quickly and efficiently in any winds.  For this third edition of our iconic STRIKE, the R&D team has worked on three areas: the materials, the placement of these materials and the design to improve performance and durability.


F-ONE Strike V3 Wing 2023 Features

• Revolutionary design for unprecedented performance. 

• New HITEX and TECHNOFORCE for increased durability.

• Perfect control of the profile and deformations to guarantee comfort throughout the entire wind range. 

• Improved power delivery and planing. 

• Impressive upwind performances. 

• Legendary lightness and stability in freefly. 

• Perfectly balanced center of traction for an intuitive ride. 

F-ONE Strike V3 Wing 2023 Sizes,

2.0Mtr   35kts+

2.5Mtr    30kts

3.0Mtr    28>38Kts

3.5Mtr    25>35Kts

4.0Mtr    22>32Kts

4.5Mtr    18>28Kts

5.0Mtr    14>25Kts

5.5Mtr    12>22Kts

Why is the STRIKE V3 stiffer than its predecessor? 

The STRIKE V3 uses stiffer materials (HITEX 158g and 178g) which allow to maintain the original design of its inflatable structure in the long term.

This boosts its light wind performance, which depends a lot on the tension of the trailing edge, thus the stiffness of the leading edge. It also improves its performance and stability in the high end, where a wing that is too soft becomes unstable and tiring on the rider. In addition, a wing that holds itself perfectly is more balanced between the two arms.

Thanks to our stiffer HITEX, the STRIKE V3 is a stable, comfortable, and high-performance wing, and it stays that way for a long time.

How to make the most of this stiffness when pumping:

The new stiffness of the STRIKE V3 can surprise the regular users of the previous version because it has led to small changes in the pumping technique, thus requiring a small adaptation.

Indeed, the pumping on the V3 has to be firmer, with a higher pace and less amplitude than the V2: almost two movements of V3 for one of V2. (see video enclosed)

Once this new pace is achieved, you understand that the V3 allows you to glide faster on the water and to experience a quicker take-off.

Precise and adaptive inflation:

We have recommended specific inflation pressures for the most efficient ride, and therefore the maximum pressures.  But it is possible to ride with only 7 PSI in the leading edge instead of 9 PSI in order to have a slightly softer feeling.

However, we recommend keeping 9 or 10 PSI in the central strut to keep the profile stable.


At first glance, you might think that this more direct feel makes the STRIKE V3 a more “Elite” wing, but all these improvements mainly promote comfort and stability while riding, thus benefiting all levels of riders.

In addition, the V3 still possesses our exclusive wing’s natural twist, which helps relieve the rider in the high end. Once you’ve settled in, you can feel the wing working for you, releasing its power when needed.

The STRIKE V3 brings a new design concept and a new feel, providing huge benefits in both short- and long-term riding.

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