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The Aero Free is our new performance Allrounder and the perfect addition to our larger Aero High Aspect wings – coming in similar aspect ratio, but with a new profile and outline delivering higher performance, more playfulness and reduced drag!


The Aero Free is our jack of all trades.

Our three new bigger sizes 1500, 1750 and 2000 are the perfect wings for beginner and intermediate riders. Their stable flight, early lift and good top speed make them the ideal wings to progress quickly. The three smaller sizes 800, 1000 and 1250 have been on the market for a year already and have established themselves as great performance allrounders.

The Aero Free range sits right in the middle of our new Glide and Carve 2.0 ranges when it comes to its glide capability and manoeuvrability – coming in a slightly higher aspect ratio than our new Carve 2.0 but with a different profile and outline, targeted more for a great mix of manoeuvrability, glide, pumping and overall ease of use.

The Aero Free covers all disciplines, from Wing, Prone, SUP and Windsurf Foiling. The name gives it away, this wing isn’t bound to a specific discipline, it feels at home in any water state and with every rider – whether you’re into Freeride, Freestyle, Freerace, Surf or Downwind. Coming in an aspect ratio between 6.0 for the bigger 2000 to 7.3 for the small 800cm2, these front wings will be the ones to look at, from learning the basics all the way to stepping down in size and speeding up your foiling game in a variety of conditions, from flatwater cruising to jumps, surf and downwinders. Featuring a playful outline and low drag profile that feels exciting and fast, yet still brings a lot of ease and control. There’s no conditions this wing feels out of place!

Covering all Foiling disciplines
Great mix of speed, manoeuvrability and glide
Stable and lifty – easy for quick progression
Fast and agile in the small sizes, easy and stable in the bigger sizes

Speed, glide and maneuvrability in one package. This little 800 packs a lot of lift and will get you going surprisingly early for its size. Best suited to light riders or stronger wind days, the Free 800 is a lot of fun – not only for advanced wingers and Windsurf Foilers, it’s also a great wing for Prone Foiling.

Our well proven 1000 Free offers a great combination of speed, lift and glide, covering riders between 50-95kg. Equally at ease freeriding, freestyling or riding smaller waves with a wing, the Aero Free 1000 also crosses over to Prone Foiling and Windsurf Foiling very well.

Early take off, exciting speeds, good pump and glide. Also a great choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with advanced level will love the range of the 1250! This is definitely a very popular size in the Free range covering through all disciplines of Wing, Windsurf and Prone Foiling.

Our new 1500 is very user-friendly and ticks all the boxes: early take off, stable flight and good pumping capabilities. You can’t go wrong with the 1500 Free. Lighter riders can learn on this wing or use it as their light wind weapon. Heavier riders will love the range of what can easily be a one wing quiver.

A great light wind wing suited to intermediate riders in the 70 – 90kg range. Glides along  effortlessly and lets you practice your tacks and gybes with full control. Our 1750 still has very decent speed for its size and coupled with our 250 C Stabilizer it’s a very fun wing to carve around.

This one is for the big boys needing a light wind wing able to get them flying with minimum effort. Best suited to riders over 80kgs as a light wind wing, or of course any beginner wanting to get into the sport. The 2000 Free also works well to learn pumping off the dock.

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