The Bluff

Beach Overview

Get a Bluff Pass to be able to kite here!

Due to the diligence of the Kernow Kitesurfing Club who negotiated with the Hayle Harbour Authority we can all enjoy this location if everyone abides by the following “Bluff Code of Conduct“.

To get your Bluff pass go to one of the outlets (list below) with your BKSA card. If you don’t have BKSA membership, you’ll  need other proof that you have insurance to kitesurf. If you have the KKC as your affiliate club on your BKSA card is free.

For twin tip riders this is one of Cornwall’s most best kitesurfing locations. A combination of the current in the channel and swell patterns moving the sands around on this beach often creates butter flat lagoons as the tide drops back. In a North and North West breeze this river mouth yields superb wind against tide flat water conditions from around 2 hours after high tide generating some perfect rolling kickers for boosting off.

If you ride a Twin Tip you will love this spot!

With the shifting sand bars and the subtle changing path of the channel (mostly indicated by visible poles on the Western side of the Channel) the style of the beach is constantly evolving to create a fun playground for many all levels of riders. If you move out of the river mouth either west along Porth Kidney toward Carbis Bay or East towards Sandy Acres and Gwithians you will encounter a typical Cornish beach break waves at low tide.

Can be a Classic Wave kite spot too…

The exception to this is if a big swell is pumping in from the Atlantic and is wrapping around into St Ives Bay. Enjoy some exceptional down the line wave riding at mid to low tide with wind from the South West or West as a fast and hollow wave can form as the swell hit the sand bars East of the River mouth.

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North Westerly


From North North Easterly through North Westerly to Westerly


Limited Beach at high spring tides for safe launch (Ok with neap tides) If the wind is blowing you will always find some beach but there may not be much water to kite safely at low tide in the river itself.


The Channel poles on the Western Side of the channel should be avoided at all costs. Avoid the Life guard patrolled areas with the black and white flags and red and yellow flagged zones. Be mindful of the fast moving current on an outgoing tide. Keep clear of any boats by 100m as it is used at high tide by fishermen. It is a very popular beach with tourists so be mindful of where you kite in relation to them - The river mouth and channel is usually uncrowded as if the lifeguards are on duty it is often red flagged to avoid swimmers getting caught unawares in the current.


Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Get your Bluff Pass and you get a free parking permit to park at the Harveys Towans Car Park. Why would you go anywhere else ? Unless you are looking for somewhere to entertain your family and are prepared to pay & display at the Haven Holiday Bluff Inn. Although it is a short walk away about 10mins it is accessed by Car up through Phillack and the Bucket of Blood Inn.


Look West if you are near the KKC Sign and you will find a path that leads down to the beach through the dunes.

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