Par Beach

Beach Overview

Getting there
This beach is situated between Fowey and St Austell on the A3082. Head for Par then carry on to Fowey, at the end of Par you will see a sign for Par Sands on your right.

The Spot
Par Beach or as the locals call it “Parbados” is a good beach to learn on as it stays shallow for good distance when it is off from high tide, but this also makes for a long walk at low tide. It is a sandy beach that is about 500 yards wide and is backed by small dunes. This beach does get swell but it is a gentle small wave that comes in here and is at its best at low tide. There is a China Clay harbour right next to this beach, to the west, so sometimes you can get the occasional ship sailing out from it and you do get mixed chop in front of the harbour walls, the harbour has a processing plant within it and there are smoke stacks that can be useful for telling the wind strength. There are no restrictions here it is sailable on any tide height, but better conditions tend to be mid to low tide.



South Westerly


From South Easterly through Southerly to South Westerly


Useable at all states of the tide but better waves at mid to low tide.


The Beach has a gentle slope so is quite shallow most of the time making it ideal for beginners combined with an easy going small swell. The beach is sandy at all stages of the tide and can be ridden at any tide height. At low tide Killyvarder Rock becomes visible it could pose a obstacle but is very apparent with a 20 foot high warning post sited on top so it is highly visible. There is a small river that flows out from the West end of the beach and this has a rock boundary to keep its path, again this is highly visible at most states of tide except at high where the rocks can be hidden just under the surface, the path of the river flows out from the west side and ends close to Killyvarder Rock. First time users to the beach should be notified of this river path but once known should not pose any danger also the river is too small to give any danger from current flow.



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Head for Par Sands holiday park - And you will find pay and display car parks at intervals behind the beach.


A short stroll over from the car park to the

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