Marazion, Station House

Beach Overview

Marazion Station House is one of Cornwall’s iconic Kitesurfing spots. Facing South and with the stunning backdrop of St Michaels Mount this beach works well for all styles of riding. Any southern swell will provide kickers for twin tip riders and a soft wave for wave riders to carve some faces and white water. Flatter water and breeze provide an expansive bay for anyone wanting to Foil with plenty of bay to play with.

Smooth on the outside…. (can be) Crunchy on the inside!

As a convenient spot to launch it doesn’t get much easier than this – A Pay and Display council car park is literally at the top of the sea wall with both public toilets, a pub and a cafe all on site.

Depending on the tide times the beach offers many different impressions. With a solid sea wall behind it the top section of the beach is a combination of sand, pebbles and shingle. There is usually plenty of seaweed indicating the highest tide point and this shelves quite steeply to around mid tide. As the tide dissipates a fabulous flat shallow and sandy playground appears and this is the time to aim for. As the incoming tide reaches the shingle bank, particularly if there is any swell, a very short and powerful shore break can materialise – simply put the bigger it gets the more destructive it is. If you are at all unsure or just want a friendly face to chat to and maybe give you a launch then speak to Angus in his centre to the right of the Station House inn. The Hoxton Special offers great advice, kite tuition, SUP Hire, yoga and ‘life changing Coffee’! A good shout for up to date weather reports too!

No Kiting 2 hours either side of high tide…

Take plenty of care as the tide comes in if the wind has any southerly in it as both you and your kite will be in close proximity to a very solid sea wall with either a busy road, train line, building or car park behind it! There are no second bites of a cherry if you get it wrong!

St Michael’ Mount is the amazing backdrop.

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West South Westerly


From Easterly through Southerly to Westerly


Do not kite 2 hours either side of high tide due to close proximity of the beach wall and sea defences. Launching and landing at Folly Fields to the east of Mounts Bay is recommended if you do want to sail closer to high tide.


In front of the Hoxton Special there is a Concrete Outfall that you need to be aware of. In the summer holidays the beach can be busy with other beach users so please use your discretion when setting up launching and landing. Along with Long Rock reef to the West there are some patches of rocks that materialise at low tides. Seaweed in the shore break and on the beach can easily get caught in lines when launching and landing your kites... Take care.



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Marazion Station Car Park is the most popular however you can park at Folly Fields further east along the coast and at Long Rock Car Park further West (The Long Rock Car Park is currently closed due to sea defence works (Aug 2019)


Access to the beach is easy there are three access points down the sea defences to the beach from the car park the most popular being next to the station pub in the South West corner of the car park