Hawkers Cove

Beach Overview

This beach, often called Harbour Cove or Tregirls Beach, excels in North and North East winds and a South Easterly breeze can be pretty good here too. Personally I would avoid anything with West in it or pure East.

Summer Restriction – No Kiting between 10am and 6pm in July and August

On its day this location is an amazing flat water paradise and great for perfecting your free ride twin tip riding or maybe some wake skates tricks. All manner of lagoons materialise here as the tide comes in and you will enjoy some amazing water clarity on this stunning sandy beach.

Foilers do venture out but they do this generally around high tide as it does get shallow here.

If there is any northerly swell here you will get a soft fun wave to play around on as they break over the sand bars nearer the channel and occasionally the conditions may really surprise you here.

Check out the John Bray Webcam here for live conditions



North Easterly


From Northerly through North Easterly to South South Easterly


A very shallow shelving beach with a large tidal movement. There is always a lot of water moving in the channel especially mid tide. This beach works best around mid tide with waist high water depth and soft waves. At high spring tides there is not much beach left.


Due to restrictions from the Padstow Harbour Master Kitesurfing in July and August is not allowed between 10am and 6pm. If you are not 100% confident it is probably best to avoid in a SSE on an outgoing tide as the current in the channel can be very strong. On an incoming tide you will be washed up the Estuary


Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Park with on the verge near the entrance to the carpark if it is closed or save yourself the extra walk by using the Farmer field. There is no public parking at Hawkers Cover (the end of the road where the old coast guard cottages are and the old lifeboat station.


Wander down from the road or the car park to the SW Coastal parts and onto the beach.

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